Lucia & Nikolas live in Brooklyn, New York. They have chosen to have their wedding where Lucia grew up.
The wedding was a perfect mix of traditional and modern elements, gathering close friends and relatives who travelled here from all over the world.

The ceremony was held in a small village close to Sibiu called Porumbacu de Jos and the reception took place in Avrig at the Brukenthal Palace, situated at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains.

Nunta Traditionala RomaneascaNL-2NL-3NL-4NL-5NL-7NL-8NL-9NL-10NL-11Nunta Traditionala RomaneascaNL-13NL-14NL-15NL-16NL-17NL-18NL-19NL-20NL-21NL-22NL-23Nunta Traditionala RomaneascaNL-25NL-26NL-27NL-28NL-29NL-30NL-31NL-32NL-33NL-34NL-35NL-36NL-37NL-38NL-39NL-40NL-41NL-42NL-43NL-44NL-45Nunta Traditionala RomaneascaNunta Avrig BrukenthalSibiu Wedding PhotographerFotograf Nunta SibiuBrukenthal Pallace AvrigWedding in TransilvaniaAvrig BrukenthalBrukenthal Wedding PhotographerNunta Palatul BrukenthalNunta Cort BrukenthalFotograf Nunta BrukenthalWedding Photographer RomaniaWedding Photographer RomaniaDocumentary Wedding PhotographerDocumentary Wedding PhotographerNunta BrukenthalNunta BrukenthalNunta BrukenthalNunta BrukenthalDocumentary Wedding PhotographerBrukenthal Pallace AvrigNunta Palatul BrukenthalAvrig BrukenthalFotograf Nunta SibiuNunta Palatul BrukenthalWedding In TransilvaniaBrukenthal Palace AvrigFotograf Nunta BrukenthalNunta Cort BrukenthalNunta Palatul BrukenthalNunta Palat AvrigNunta in aer liber BrukenthalNunta Palat AvrigNunta Cort BrukenthalFotograf Nunta SibiuFotograf Nunta SibiuNunta Cort BrukenthalWedding Photographer RomaniaNunta Avrig BrukenthalNunta Avrig BrukenthalNunta Avrig BrukenthalAvrig BrukenthalAvrig BrukenthalTransilvania Wedding LocationsTransilvania Wedding LocationsTransilvania Wedding LocationsWedding BrukenthalCharpatians Mountains WeddingFotograf Nunta BrukenthalSibiu Wedding PhotographerWedding Photographer RomaniaTransilvania Wedding PhotographerTransilvania Wedding PhotographerTransilvania Wedding PhotographerNunta Palat AvrigNunta Avrig BrukenthalFotograf Nunta BrukenthalNunta BrukenthalWedding In TransilvaniaWedding In TransilvaniaFotograf Nunta SibiuFotograf Nunta SibiuBrukenthal Wedding PhotographerBrukenthal Wedding PhotographerBrukenthal Wedding PhotographerSibiu Wedding PhotographerSibiu Wedding PhotographerDocumentary Wedding PhotographerNunta Palat AvrigWedding BrukenthalWedding BrukenthalTransilvania Wedding LocationsNunta In Aer Liber BrukenthalNunta In Aer Liber BrukenthalNunta In Aer Liber BrukenthalNunta In Aer Liber Brukenthal

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  • DragosSeptember 5, 2014 - 09:18

    Great photography!

  • CristianMarch 2, 2015 - 11:34

    Sunt frumoase fotografiile dar cred ca a contat si fotograful…