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What’s New In 2023?

Now, in 2020, definitely there are more high quality wedding venues to choose from than a few years ago.

Industrial locations are on a rise and the selection of clubs, tents and ballrooms is getting refined, if you know where to look for.

What’s important? Location, style, capacity and ultimately price, this are the main factors that will dictate your final decision.

Don’t forget to take into consideration your wedding photographer, the venue will have an impact on the images he will provide you.

A small distance from Bucharest is a non issue? You can find awesome outdoor venues nearby.

Places you can effortlessly plan the boho-chic wedding of your dreams, right next to a forest.

Here’s the best Bucharest wedding venues list.

Industrial Bucharest Wedding Venues

Exposed bricks, high ceilings with all the technical elements in plain sight, it’s your thing?

You’re in luck, there are few hidden gems you can choose from.

Si Lounge Contemporary

Si Lounge Contemporary
  • Location: George Constantinescu Street, 2-4, Bucharest
  • Capacity: 300 – 400 seated guests

This location is situated in the heart of Pipera business centre.

Si Lounge is a multifunctional hall that can accommodate weddings.

The venue is under management of Kaufland Romania.

The venue it’s offering interior and outdoor options. As a bonus, there’s an interior garden (with a colourful carousel in the middle).

Guests can be seated indoor and outdoor in the garden.

It’s one of the few wedding venues from Bucharest that can accommodate moderate size outdoor weddings.

Check this Si Lounge Wedding to get a feeling of what the venue has to offer.

Deschis Gastrobar

  • Location: Splaiul Unirii 160, Bucharest
  • Capacity: 120 – 300 seated guests

Do you want a cool industrial themed wedding on the rooftop of a cotton factory?

Deschis Gastrobar is as cool as it gets, in Bucharest, near the shore of Dambovita river.

You and your guests will be delighted with exposed concrete in an all-round nonconformist wedding venue.

The location has a rooftop for some memorable wedding photography moments.

Terra Events

  • Location: Lacul Tei Bd. 1 Bis, 3rd District, Bucharest
  • Capacity: up to 600 seated guests

Do you plan a big Romanian wedding in Bucharest?

Terra Events can accommodate up to 600 seated wedding guest in a nice industrial wedding venue.

The venue is I.S.U. approved and has a modular design that can accommodate between 80 and 600 people and the All Inclusive Menu starts at 69 Euro.

Linea / Closer To The Moon

  • Location: Lipscani Street 17, Bucharest
  • Capacity: small intimate weddings

Linea / Closer To The Moon is a one of kind industrial wedding venue situated in the historical Bucharest Old Town.

Continues the rooftop / sky bar trend with an amazing view from the rooftop terrace.


Diplomatic Club Bucharest

Bucharest Wedding Venues - Diplomatic Club
  • Location: Bucharest – Ploiesti 2B
  • Capacity: 240 guests

Diplomatic Club is an restaurant situated near Herastrau lake. It’s on the most known Bucharest wedding venues.

It has a lot of green outdoor space with a generous view over a golf course.

Check this Diplomatic Club Wedding for more visual information.

Le Chateau

  • Location: Turturelelor Street 11, Bucharest
  • Capacity: 100 – 400 seated guests

Do you want to get married in a castle, in the Bucharest central area?

It has a classic, luxurious interior with outdoor lounge areas.

The newly weds will have at their disposal a luxury apartment for getting ready and sleep.

Prices starting from 93 Euro / wedding guest.

Mogosoaia Palace

  • Location: Parcului Street 1, Mogosoaia
  • Capacity: around 150 seated guests

Mogosoaia Palace has three centuries of history. The palace, a brancovenesc architectural style building, can accommodate 150 seated guests.

Expect to pay between 80 Euro to 120 Euro for each of your guests.

Sky Bar

  • Location: Calea Dorobanti 155, Bucharest
  • Capacity: small, intimate weddings

Self-identifying as the first Rooftop from Romania, this small coffeeshop from Dorobanti area doesn’t disappoint.

The amazing view and minimalist design makes it a nonconformist wedding venue.

The rooftop terrace can acomodate your small and intimate outdoor wedding in Bucharest.

Sole Restaurant

  • Location: Iancu De Hunedoara Bd 48, Bucharest
  • Capacity: 120 seated guests

The exclusive view from the 15th floor a building it’s one of the reasons this venue is mentioned here.

The panorama of the city is enhanced by the generous windows of this location. This venue has a cool rooftop terrace. That’s right, a terrace at the 15th floor.

The prices are affordable and starts at 65 Euro / guest.


Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest

  • Location: Episcopiei Street 1-3, Bucharest
  • Capacity: around 180 seated guests

Having a wedding in a building listed in The National Register of Historic Monuments sounds pretty amazing.

Consider the fact that it isn’t cheap, the food courses at the reception meal start at 388 Lei. The experience, it’s worthwhile.

The decor is classic with gold finishes, stained glass ceilings and crystal chandeliers. You and your wedding guests will have a royal experience.

Beside all this, the venue offers multiple benefits for bride, groom and their guests. The newly weds get free accommodation, breakfast and Health Club & Spa. Their guest gets lowered tariffs for the above commodities.

Ambery Hall

  • Location: Bucharest-North, Swan Office Park
  • Capacity: 70 -180 seated guests

Only a few Bucharest wedding venues have an exterior to match Ambery Hall Classic.

The modern exterior space of Swan Office Park offers something extra.

The exterior space is a perfect match for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Prices start at 79 Euro / guest.

Intercontinental Bucharest Hotel

  • Location: Nicolae Balcescu Bd 4, Bucharest
  • Capacity: 90 – 250 seated guests

Intercontinental, probably the most well known hotel in Romania, is definitely a unique wedding venue.

From the 21th floor you and your guests will have a breathtaking view of the city.

The hotel has 3 ballrooms with different capacities. Fortuna, Ronda and Rapsodia are the names of the wedding halls provided by the hotel.

Beside the view Intercontinental offers different facilities. Professional audio-video equipment in the halls and lower accommodation prices for the wedding guests.

Outdoor Wedding Venues Near Bucharest

The outdoor wedding experience can be found at short distance all around Bucharest.

What to look out for, what separates the top venues from the rest?

The quality of the services and investment of that particular location.

Keep in mind to plan your wedding in the summer. The nights are getting chilly by the half of august.

Bucharest Outdoor Wedding Venue

Padurile Regale

  • Location: Cantonului Street, Corbeanca
  • Capacity: 100 – 300 seated guests

Modern comfort in the middle of the nature.

Padurile Regale is located, not far away from Bucharest, next to Corbeanca forest. Represents a solid alternative, it’s a quality wedding venue.

Services and decorations are high standard. In other words words, the venue is worthy of the royal name (Regale).

Can host successfully classic, vintage or elegant themed weddings.

Domeniul Manasaia

  • Location: (50km from Bucharest) Intrarea Conacului, Manasaia
  • Capacity: 50 – 250 seated guests

You will reach Manasaia Domain after a 1 hour car ride from Bucharest.

In the warm season this domain can host outdoor weddings in the middle of the nature.

You have the option to choose between the mansion garden or the summer patio.

The mansion, with a classic look and romantic feeling, can host indoor weddings in the cold season.

This is a premium wedding venue.

Lagoo Snagov

  • Location: Snagov 077165, Ilfov
  • Capacity: 120 – 450 seated guests

Lagoo Snagov is located in close proximity to Bucharest. It offers two pavilions in different sizes.

Luna can accommodate between 120 and 250 seated guests, Sole can accommodate up to 450 seated guests.

Both pavilions have their own space. With separated wardrobe, lounge, kitchen and terrace by the Lakeshore.

The Green Spot Barn

  • Location: Snagov Forest, Ciolpani
  • Capacity: around 150 seated guests

Green Spot is a wood barn surrounded by handmade decorations near the Snagov forest. The appeal is defined by the pool and exterior lighting.

Take a look at this venue if you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the middle of nature.

The Wedding House

Outdoor Wedding Venue Near Bucharest
  • Location: (40 Km drive from Bucharest) Poiana Lui Stanga
  • Capacity: 150 – 200 seated guests

At only 40 km away from Bucharest, you will find a pavilion, a home and a generous garden. There are various thematic corners across the property. The dance floor is outside, in front of the pavilion. In addition, inside the house you will have a place for getting ready and the garden can provide an intimate setting for any ceremony.

This venue hosts only outdoor weddings in the warm season.

Stirbey Palace

  • Location: Stirbei Voda Street, Buftea
  • Capacity: around 400 seated guests

The Stirbey domain has a total of six tents scattered across the forest. In other words, it gravitates around weddings.

In front of the chapel, that can be found on the property, outdoor orthodox ceremonies can be held.

Escape from a hot summer day and plan your wedding here.

Prices start at 60 Euro.

Mosia Corbeanca

  • Location: Hipodromului Street 27, Ostratu
  • Capacity: small to moderate weddings

A wedding at Mosia Corbeanca can take place only outdoors, in the warm season.

Situated on the old placement of a horse paddock the domain offers a pavilion and a cool space for the bride and groom getting ready.

This venue is lead by a nonconformist young team.

Hotels for Getting Ready

Have a hassle free wedding day choosing a hotel room for the getting ready. Here’s a short list with the most impressive hotels with amazing rooms. The recommendation is coming from a Bucharest wedding photographer.

1.Hotel Lido by Phoencia

With a capital renovation made in 2019 this hotel starts this list.

The hotel have an amazing executive apartment. I’n adition I’m keen on the light colour palette with grey walls wrapped in a classic package.

2.Grand Hotel Continental

In close proximity of Odeon Theatre, Grand Hotel Continental dates back to 1800 and is offering appropriate accommodation for the newly weds getting ready. The authentic classic design, it’s a perfect fit for any bride and groom getting married in Bucharest.

3.Athenee Palace Hilton

For approximately 130 Euro you can book for one day the King Deluxe room in the centre of the city in one of the most prestigious hotels in Romania.

4.JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

In the heart of Bucharest, with a view over the Romanian Parliament, you will find the prestigious JW Marriott Grand Hotel.

Keeps in mind if you want your picture taken in a hotel lobby.

Depending on the hotel policy, there are separate taxes applied, even if you booked at them.

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