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A photo session in the woods, for fun! Q: What kind of music do you listen to Tiberiu? A: I’m into Dubstep. Q: So you wouldn’t mind me playing some 90’s dance music. I must tell you that this type of music reminds me of my “long gone youth”. A: Not at all, sir. So I will be frank with you. One day I asked Diana if he knows someone photogenic (male) willing to pose for a photo session with her. So, they are not a real couple, they are actors, obviously!

The Valley Of The Fairies was the chosen place for our photo session, the valley of my wife’s childhood. He took me there the very first year we meet. Yes, its sounds and looks like a fairy tale, its like chemistry between me and this place. I chosen this sanctuary many times as my favourite destination for photography. I’ve taken here brides and grooms, families to store that beautiful light with my camera. I know where the sun sets and all the colours of summer, spring and autumn.

Fairies Valley Photo Session

If we could stop time, for many of us this could be the moment. This photo session on the hills of Vrancea County with two teenagers at the begging of adult life. The protagonists of this story are Diana and Tiberiu two high school kids of Alexandru Ioan Cuza College from Focsani. If you are mesmerised with this place, you can check out this family photo session. As a general rule I always chose the golden hour, right before the sunset for any photography related job. Here is not the case, the clouded day helped us achieve the end result that you see here. If you are planning any time soon to visit this part of Romania, here is the location of the valley.
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  • Lucian

    Beautiful photography, you are very talented, keep up the good work.
    You should subscribe on, with those pictures probable you’ll get in the popular pages in no time.

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