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Now, as I am writing this, my baby girl Eda is already 6 months old. I remember smiling when Mihai told me I don’t know what it means and how much joy a child can bring to my life. Yes, it’s true, he was right, he was absolutely right.

I know Antonia, Alicia and their parents Roxana and Mihai from sometime, we talked in February about a portrait session for the whole family. We just waited a little bit for Antonia to grow, and coincidence or not this day was also the 4th year anniversary of Alicia. We chose the hills of Fairy Valley for their family portrait, a marvelous place situated at 30 km from our hometown Focsani. So, I invite you to enjoy this late august sunset and maybe at the same time, bring back forgotten childhood memories. I guess in a way we live once again the memories trough our children.

What To Expect

I take a very simple approach for kids and family photography in general. I use only natural light and scenery. As a result, is fairly easy for the kids. The scenery could be the family apartment or the hills near a coniferous forest. The photo shoot usually takes for about an hour, plus the time it takes us to get there. If you opt for an outdoor family photo shoot, we will have to be there an hour before the actual sunset. This is the perfect moment to get that golden tint that you can see in the images below.

I don’t necessarily favor “props” and I prefer a normal, lightweight outfit that your family wears normally on weekends. It is not absolutely necessary to book a family photo session long before it takes place. The only thing to keep in mind is that this session can only take place on the weekdays, from Monday to Friday.

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