Backlinks For Photographers

How To Get Quality Backlinks If You Are A Wedding Photographer

Backlinks are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle that defines the authority of a website. The amount and quality of backlinks make the difference between a rank in the first and the 10th page of the Google search results. Heres the definitive list for wedding photographers.

Street photography

Mastering The Modern Era Of Street Photography

Street Photography is full of adrenaline and can help sharpen up your senses in becoming a better wedding photographer. Here's a set of rules and ideas pioneered by the likes of Henry Cartier-Bresson and others. The decisive moment, how the light affects the scene and not least the legal and moral part of this form of art.

Wedding photography

The Complete Guide To Wedding Photography Nobody Tells

My most complete ever written article to date. Wedding photography 101, a detailed guide for both amateur and professional wedding photographers. The universe behind this form of art with more and more followers. Photography techniques, editing, online presence, etc.

Printed Wedding Albums

Printed Wedding Albums

The most representative images from your wedding are meant for printing. An article about printed wedding albums with all the options available and the detailed step by step information needed for ordering one yourself. My favorite is by far the genuine leather case album, what's yours?

SEO For Wedding Photographers Explained

SEO For Wedding Photographers Explained

A detailed search engine optimisation guideline for photographers. What is the best practice to improve the online visibility of wedding photographers. How to create online portfolios that are friendly both for search engines and people, potential clients, future brides and grooms.

Bucharest Wedding Venues

Best Bucharest Wedding Venues (Including Outdoor Locations)

Here's the list with the best Bucharest wedding venues. Includes indoor and outdoor locations. Searching for a place to accommodate you and your guests? Start here!