Print Your Images!

I recommend to my customers to print their images.
Nothing compares seeing your photos printed on thick high quality art paper bound into an album to tell the story of your wedding day.

The albums are available in a variety of sizes, the cover can be printed with custom graphics, or made of leather in different colors and finishes.

Table Of Content

What you need to know, how to place an order, how long it takes to receive the album, the costs and all the different sizes available. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions I got brides and grooms, clients of mine, together with the appropriate answers.

How Can I Order An Printed Wedding Album?

1.When we sign the wedding contract you can add options that include either an engagement session and / or printed albums.

2. After the wedding when receiving the images. There is no time limit, the only condition is to have those images from your wedding, baptism or photo session taken by Daniel Toader.

How Many Images The Album Will Hold?

One of the first questions I get about the albums. It’s plain simple, if you want a clean look to your story I recommend between 70 and 90 images for a normal 25 spreads album. One spread represents one full printed layout of the album when is in the opened position.

Sizes Available

We can start with pocket friendly size albums at 10 cm x 10 cm and finish with the largest one at 30 cm x 40 cm. The minimum number of spreads is 20 and if you decide to order only one album, the minimal size is 20 cm x 20 cm. You will get a free pocket album if you order one 25 cm x 25 cm or greater album.

Who Will Chose The Images From Our Wedding?

You will choose the images or your parents if they decide to order one… yes, your parents have the possibility to order an album. I recommend sending me about 80 images from the online gallery you get when receiving the final edited images.

Wedding Albums

Can We See A Draft Of The Album Before Printing?

This is how I work, in about 48 hours after you will send the 100 images I will provide a draft that we can customize further. We can resize and rearrange the layout to your liking. The album will be sent for printing only after receiving the approval.

Delivery Date

It depends, on off season you will get the album in about 14 days after sending it for printing. Off-season? The busiest time of the year in the photo lab is the winter holidays (by the way, the albums are printed in beautiful Brasov, Romania). The orders made before the end of November will be delivered in January.

Printed Albums Pricing

When inquiring for wedding photography packages you will also get the full price list, that includes printed albums. You need to send me an email for this information.

Bellow is a short movie made back in 2014 where you can see an example. Today I use pretty much the same design and materials.

Other Details

The print is made on matte paper, simple or with added raster. We can print the cover with an image from the wedding or make it from textile material / real leather. The albums are made to resist the test of time, to be passed to the next generation, that being said you will get a 3 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

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