All because two people fell in love.

I’m in the middle of the wedding season with a well deserved break. It’s time to reflect, take a deep breath of air and… put together this wedding story on the blog for the whole world to see. After the pandemic, somehow naturally, I started shooting more and more in my hometown Focșani. This wedding took place in the beginning of June when the cherries are at their peak and the summer is just starting. This feels somehow different. I know Diana for some time, almost 10 years to be more precise, and frankly documenting her big day felt a bit overwhelming.

The couple chose familiar surroundings for their wedding. They started the day in the comfort of their home and finished with a sparkling finale at the town’s popular ballroom Laguna Resort. To keep it simple the orthodox marriage ceremony took place just one block away from their home. The bride wore a Pollardi gown assorted with a white bouquet with peonies and a branch of Phalaenopsis crafted with love by Inad.

Diana and Adrian – Laguna Resort Focșani

The reception of Diana and Adrian’s big day was held at The Laguna Resort. This space was appropriate in size to hold such a big reunion. Images from their civil ceremony (that I photographed last year) were shown on two big led monitors throughout the night. As a reminder of the benefits of living in such a small city, if you are living here, you will see lots of familiar faces.

My clients are receiving a gallery with all the images in this format. Because of this, it’s starting to make more sense to bring this format to my portfolio. To benefit from every pixel in this gallery I recommend a large high resolution computer screen.