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Oana & Alin

If I have to choose one single image from a wedding, the most representative one, sure I’ll be in trouble. As a wedding photographer, I like to think I tell stories, so one image, or a dozen, doesn’t fulfill my goal. That’s one reason you can hear the crickets on my social profile. The other being compression… of course.

Oana and Alin are both computer engineers with a passion for snowboarding and other mountain related activities. There’s a possibility that Oana had a contribution to the software of your phone camera app. And when I say passion for snowboarding, I mean that in their free time, for the pure pleasure, they are certified snowboard instructors, teaching others how to handle the board. Imagine how cool is that! Each image has its own purpose, an example being the one with the guitar as the featured image in this gallery. It belongs to Alin. He’s singing in a rock band.

The Ring Exchange Took Place At The Si Lounge Garden

Usually the ring exchange takes place at a religious ceremony, in a church, assisted by a priest. Instead, they chose to do a simple ring exchange at the Si Lounge Garden next to a couple of their friends. I really liked that. Now, as I’m writing this, they have a little baby girl. Time flies so fast… luckily, we have images to remember even the smallest details.

Bucharest is offering more and more options for the newly weds. From my point of view, the location chosen for the wedding reception and party is a pretty big deal. Seeing Si Lounge on the list sure checked a lot of visual boxes for me, the photographer. There is something new and refreshing about it. An industrial design event location in the heart of Pipera corporate center.

I thank these two for letting me play a small role at their wedding.

Last but not least, I want to also thank Andrada Sas for making this wedding possible.

Si Lounge Bucharest
Pearl Jam Record At Wedding
Sector 3 City Hall
Sector 3 Bucharest Civil Ceremony
Sector 3 Bucharest Civil Ceremony
Bucharest Civil Ceremony Gathering
Sector 3 City Hall Civil Wedding
Newlyweds Congratulated
Champagne At Wedding
Toader Photography
Newlyweds Congratulated
Just Married In Bucharest
Champagne At Wedding
Getting Married In Bucharest
Wedding Day Preparations
Bride And Groom Getting Ready
Bride And Groom First Dance Repetition
Groom Getting Ready
Bride Getting Ready
Si Lounge Wedding Preparations
Si Lounge Bucharest Wedding Details
Si Lounge Events
Si Longe Pipera Wedding
Andrada Sas - The Wedding Styler
Si Lounge Kaufland
Si Lounge Wedding
Si Lounge Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Si Lounge Wedding
Si Lounge Wedding
Si Lounge Wedding
Si Lounge Outdoor Wedding
Bride And Groom Portrait
Burger Van At Wedding
Snowboarding Themed Wedding
Snowboarding Themed Wedding
Daniel Toader
Burger Van At Wedding
Trupa Lov
Wedding First Dance
Wedding First Dance
Si Lounge - Trupa Lov
Si Lounge Wedding Party
Si Lounge Kaufland
Si Longe Wedding Party
Trupa Lov Wedding Party
Tequila Sky Shots
Party Like An Animal
Si Lounge Party
Bride And Groom Momment
Si Lounge Garden

Venue: Si Lounge, Bucharest Romania

Flowers: Panagiota Flower Design

Bride’s Dress: Zenya

Live Music: Trupa Lov

Wedding Planner: The Wedding Styler