Mountains Drawing

Mădălina And Cristi

This journey started one year before when this couple booked me to shoot their wedding in Bucharest. On their wedding night, while at the party, Andrada, the wedding planner, told me the unexpected. The bride, didn’t want to see the list with wedding photographers he usually provides. Madalina fell in love with the images from her sister’s wedding and consequently choose the same photographer.

So here we are standing in front of Cantacuzino Castle Busteni, after a few hours drive from Focsani and respectively Bucharest… By the way, arm yourself with patience, Comarnic – Busteni is one of the most crowded Romanian roads. Madalina really wanted some images taken in front of the castle, unfortunately that Saturday, the front yard was unusually crowded with people. So I did the obvious. I asked a taxi driver directions to the highest mountain peak in close proximity of which base is reachable by car.

Up In The Mountains At 1860m

We needed to be on the highest point of the relief. That’s the only way to catch the sunset at this high altitude. That day, it’s exactly what we did, we picked a spot and started climbing. We didn’t realised how much we climbed until later, the descent by foot took us half an hour, so imagine that.

Talking about commitment, Madalina waked-up at 4AM that morning, he professionally did her makeup and even ordered a bouquet specially for this after wedding session. We also found that we have something in common, we still play Diablo II, a dark fantasy RPG game from 2000. Finally, this gallery wraps up my 2019 wedding season. Now there’s more time to publish precious content, and why not, write more. You can expect their wedding story, which took place at Terra Events in Bucharest, very soon.

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