Iceland Wedding On Videy Island – Camille & Drew

Iceland Wedding

I have always wanted to add an Iceland Wedding to my portfolio and when I have the chance to combine photography alongside new landscapes it’ s like a dream come true.

I had the privilege of going this past August to photograph Camille & Drew’s wedding.

Camille and Drew are from San Francisco so this was truly a destination wedding for them and their quests. Drew is a professional photographer ( website ) so, naturally, documenting his wedding was a big honour.

We started the morning in Borg Hotel in Reykjavik and after we took a ferry ride to Videy, the largest island of the Kollafjordur Bay in Iceland, near the capital. The couple said their “I do” at Videy, in a vintage 18th century church. They had a small, intimate wedding alongside family and friends. Therefore, take a look at these images and enjoy at what the Iceland landscape has to offer!

Images from the wedding, together with their story, are featured on the prestigious San Francisco Chronicle.
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Venue: Videy Church, Videy Island, Iceland

Catering: Hotel Holt, Reykjavik, Iceland

Flowers: Eva Sæland

Cake: Sandholt Bakery, Reykjavik

Bride’s attire: Alice & Olivia blouse; bride’s own black pants; Overland furry boots

Groom’s suit: Brooks Brothers

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