That early morning I was “calm” as usual, checking for the tenth time my cameras, lenses, batteries… fresh with a great appetite for wedding photography. As I was driving towards Tg Ocna, a small city in Bacau County Romania, nothing prepared me (emotionally), for the one of the most unforgettable weddings I photographed.

I will be sincere, I cried, not at the wedding, but at the moment I got home and started reviewing the images. It was the first time it happened in eight years of my professional career and maybe the last, who knows.

The wedding of Daniela and Razvan was a roller coaster of emotions and I was fortunate enough to be a part and document.

Romania Wedding Venues
Wedding Venue Romania
Wedding Ceremony Preparation
Bride Getting Ready
Bride Getting Ready Laughing
Florist Preparing The Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Preparation
Wedding Ceremony Preparations
Garden wedding reception glass hanging globes
wedding ceremony chalkboard sign
Bride Getting Ready Laughing
Bride Makeup
Balloons At Wedding Ceremony
Guests At Wedding Ceremony
Bride Flower Bouquet
Bride Laughs
Bride Walking Down The Stairs
Bride Getting Ready
Toader Photography
Bride Gown
bride and bridesmaids intimate portrait
Bride And Groom First Look
Bride Walking Down The Isle
Bride And Groom First Look
Intimate Wedding - Bride And Groom First Look
Bride And Groom First Look
Wedding Emotions
Destination Wedding Ceremony
Romania Wedding Civil Marriage
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony In Romania
Groom Being Congratulated
Bride Being Congratulated
Bride And Father Emotional Moment
Bride Crying
Bride And Father Crying
Wedding Tast
Wedding Photographer
Bride Laughs
Religious Wedding Ceremony Romania
Religious Wedding Ceremony Romania
Wedding Photojournalism
Big Bride Bouquet
Intimate Wedding
Intimate Portraits With Bride And Groom
Intimate Wedding
Intimate Wedding
Romania Wedding Photographer
Wedding Menu And Plate
Bride And Groom Initials Letters
Wedding First Dance
Wedding First Dance
Wedding Big Letters

Bride’s dress: Otilia Brailoiu

Flowers: Mugur de Zof, Bacau, Romania

Vennue for getting ready and ceremony: Casa Creanga, Tg Ocna, Bacau, Romania

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  • Your images are simply stunning! I love your blog :)

  • Daniel Toader

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

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