Hi! Your special moment is approaching rapidly, and he is probably the reason who brought you here in your search for a London wedding photographer, and because I only have a few moments to catch your attention, firstly, I would like to say `Welcome! `.
First of all, I will to begin my presentation by congratulating you for choosing London as your wedding destination due to its abundance of cultural and leisure attractions which will certainly not let you indifferent.

London – A Wedding Destination Full of Traditions

London is one of the most spectacular destinations for organizing a wedding. I could list the famous Big Ben who is a sort of an emblem for London, The Tower of London which has over a millennium of history but also Buckingham Palace which opened its gates for the public for the first time in 1993. Moreover, for those of you who appreciate nature at its finest, Hyde Park or St James’s Park will leave you breathless. Not to mention that in St James’s Park you can see a variety of ceremonies and parades linked to significant events in the city’s history.


We need to be honest and admit that organizing a wedding is often exhausting. From the moment the hourglass has turned the checklist seems to be never-ending and time simply flies. It is only natural, however, not impossible to get things done.
I strongly recommend you to try and be as relaxed as possible on your big day and to enjoy all the efforts made for that moment. Both for me as a photographer but also for you the lighting is a crucial factor for an excellent result. Therefore, I recommend you to arrange a reasonable time before the sunset for your photo/ videographer/ filming sessions. Moreover, the room designed for the preparations needs to have as much natural light as possible to have the desired final result. Of course, a complete wedding also needs a videographer, and I can recommend you with full confidence … .

London Wedding Photographer

Wedding Locations In London

If you are still looking for the ideal location for your wedding in London, allow me to suggest the following venues: One Whitehall Place is an exquisite location for weddings. Its architecture and decors and its view of the River Thames and the London Eye will leave you breathless. Moreover, if you are looking for more adventure, the River Thames is the ideal location. You can choose to spend the whole day on the River or just for the drinks reception, surely the River Thames will not disappoint making your special day unforgettable.
And now let’s go back a bit to the reason you are here. To be more precise, your search for a London wedding photographer to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the most beautiful day of your lives: your wedding.
Who am I? In short, my name is Daniel Toader, and I dare to characterize my work after the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I approach the documentary, not orchestrated photographic style, and I tell stories through unique images about the most beautiful and natural moments of your lives. Therefore, let the day flow as natural as possible, and I will have the great pleasure to catch your special moment in pictures.

Availability and Prices London Wedding Photographer

If you wish to find out more information about my services as well as the prices charged you can access the following link … , to these prices I will add travel expenses from Romania (Focsani) to London and accommodation in the city or nearby in the amount of….