Hi! The moment much anticipated in which you said `Yes` has come and the journey towards finding your Rome wedding photographer has brought you here. Well, `I welcome you! `
Daniel Toader is the name and storytelling is the game. Well, not the classical type of storyteller which writes down his stories on paper, but a storyteller employing unique images about unique moments and unique people, just like you and your wedding.
I feel the need to express my enthusiasm regarding your choice for Rome as your wedding location as we are talking about a charming city, full of history and dynamism.

Rome – A Unique Destination For Weddings

The city of Rome breathes culture, elegance, and sophistication and it is without a doubt one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Italy. Starting with Fontana di Trevi which is probably the most beautiful fountain in Italy, moving forward to the impressive Vatican and the Colosseum, Rome has much to offer to anyone who passes its gates.


Wedding preparations are often exhausting, and time seems to flow against you. However, it is essential that you find the balance to go through the Big Day as relaxed as possible. It is important that you know that for a Rome wedding photographer the light is fundamental to catch those unique moments. Hence, it is good to know that you should reserve a reasonable time interval for your photo/ videographer/ filming sessions before the sunset. Also, it is very important that you make sure that the room reserved for preparations has enough natural light which will ensure an outstanding final result.
If you are still in search for a videographer for your wedding, I can recommend to you….

Rome Wedding Photographer

Wedding Locations In Rome

Among the most popular locations for organizing a wedding in Rome, I would gladly recommend to you The Locanda Della Castellucia, an exclusive 4-star hotel in Rome which offers an exquisite medieval-style room for special events. Also, the village near Rome called Fara in Sabina is an enchanted place where you can opt for a traditional wedding as it used to be 50 years ago in Italy.
And now let’s move on to Rome wedding photographer for the most special day of your lives. Why me, your humble Daniel Toader? Because I am that type of photographer which documents real moments, which doesn’t plan or direct them and, moreover, because your story is unique and deserves to be told uniquely.
Hence, enjoy your special day, the moment you both have waited for so long. As for me, I will be there to document your moment at which you will joyfully return year after year.

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